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Our work process

The following outlines our web-development process, which can be split into several sensible elements:

1. Technical analysis
2. Planning and Idea
3. Design and Copywriting
4. Front-& Back-End Coding
5. Testing and Launch

We enable enterprise to transform and scale.

Success isn’t really that difficult. There is a significant portion of the population here in Nepal, that actually want and need success to be hard! Why? So they then have a built-in excuse when things don’t go their way! Pretty sad situation, to say the least.

  • Success is something of which we all want more
  • Most people believe that success is difficult
  • There are basically six key areas to higher achievement
  • Believing in yourself and those around you
  • Making a decision to do something



2x profit in a year

Software Development

We are developers catering need of the clients. For development we follow standard processes. That is why our software is workable, efficient and well-maintained. We always make usability first that is why we follow a sequence during development. To achieve this we strictly follow strategic plans with meticulous design. The developed software goes through manual and functional testing. First a beta version is deployed and once confirmed by clients the system goes live.

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Software Production

Software is produced by a set of phases. We create software in accordance with market requirements, then conduct testing. The software is then made available for sale in the market after we release it. Finally, we provide careful consideration to its upkeep and evaluation.

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Software Customization

We are also a production company. Any products that we have developed can be customised through a process. For customization we follow certain steps. Clients request for customization is taken in priority and worked likewise.

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Team as a Service

We realised several companies have ideas, finance, and marketing however, they lack skilled developers. We are there for employing them for you. We have full time team and roster of teams that we can employ at any given time.

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